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The United States House of Representatives passed the "9? 11" bill   Saudi Suck – International – picture 9, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to allow "9? 11" incident victims and their relatives sued the government of Saudi Arabia and seek compensation. The bill has been passed by the Senate, is about to be signed by President Barack signed into law by President Obama. However, the relationship between the Obama administration day scruples mesago reiterated opposition, said he would not sign a bill. In accordance with the laws of the United States, if the president veto stop bill Congress House and Senate can vote again, but are required to obtain at least 2/3 of the votes to override the president’s veto. [time] according to Reuters, the house of Representatives voted on the 9 day of the oral vote through this bill, time to think. 11 this month, is the "9? 11" 15 anniversary of the event, and is also the first day of the pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi arabia. The United States House of representatives to vote at this point in time, the Saudi government is tantamount to a "run". "9. 11" by the democratic and Republican parties jointly submitted to the United States and the United States to allow the victims of terrorist attacks in the United States by the United States Court to prosecute foreign governments suspected of supporting terrorism. This bill is seen as the main focus of the Saudi government. In September last year, "9. 11" survivors and relatives of victims to the U.S. Court sued the Saudi government and claims, the U.S. court dismissed the lawsuit on the grounds of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign immunity. September 11, 2001 after the United States suffered a serious terrorist attacks, the victims and their relatives found that Al Qaeda terrorist organizations received funding from Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government must take responsibility for the attack. The attack of the 19 hijackers, 15 were saudis. The attack was convicted for participating in the "Twentieth hijacker" Zachary Elias? Mousavi said the Saudi royal family have provided support to the "base" organization. These claims have been firmly denied the Saudi side. In July this year, the United States House of Representatives intelligence committee published the "9? The top secret and Saudi terrorists may be linked to the existence of the investigation report of 11" terrorist attack. The report pointed out that "9? 11" part of the hijackers had contact with the Saudi government may have associated personnel in the United States, and accept the latter to help, but can not determine whether these may exist to help the latter to be. Saudi embassy said at the time, the content of the announcement of the decryption "hope to permanently dispel doubts in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi American relations". [Saudi] very unhappy White House spokesman Josh? Ernest has previously expressed the Obama administration on the act of opposition, and hinted that Obama will not sign the bill. The White House issued a statement reiterated the position 9. The Saudi government has not yet responded. Saudi Arabia is a major and traditional ally of the United States in the middle east. Some American politicians worry that if the law takes effect, the relations between the two countries to cast a shadow. Saudi side has denied that the "9, 11" terrorist attacks on the incident. Saudi foreign minister Adel? Jubail had warned that if the United States Congress passed the relevant bill, Saudi Arabia will sell most)相关的主题文章:

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"Can not do without you" – Sohu maternal and child even if other things Cindy do not understand, there is one thing she still know; no place to raise a dog at home. But she picked up the dog, put it into the bag, go home. Even if Cindy doesn’t understand anything else, there’s one thing she can’t understand. So she crept upstairs, slipped into his room. "Is it you? Cindy?" "Yes, Mrs. watson." "Why is it so late? Dinner is getting cold!" "I’ll be right down, Mrs. watson." The dog hid under the bed. Cindy sat at the big table, and everyone else was nearly finished. She put the leftover food with napkin wrapped up. Cindy, would you like a cake?" "No, thanks!" Cindy pushed the creaking wooden chair, hurriedly go upstairs. Upstairs, Cindy’s room, the dog devoured the leftovers. "Little dog, oh, little darling." Cindy softly calls. Even if other things do not understand, she still understand this thing, this is her puppy. When someone knocked at the door. "Cindy!" Cindy hurried to the dog into the closet. The door was opened, and they always opened her door. Never wait for her to respond. "Cindy, John has cleaned the dishes. You can take it away!" Cindy came to the kitchen, while silently in my heart: never breakingplates Cindy! Only to the plate! Don’t want a puppy! Cindy returns to the room. Hey, dog, what are you doing?" She followed the dog, and beat and drag. Cindy fell asleep, the dog curled up on her side, with her blanket. Even if other things are not clear, there is one thing she still understand, this puppy is her best friend. Ring – up, Cindy! To fast! Put on your clothes and go to work! How to do small dogs? Right — take it! Take it! Cindy was busy silently in my heart… Cindy… The work place is a nursing home, also called hospice. Her daily work is cleaning: dustpan, bucket, and disinfectant, put on every floor, every room, cleaned up and down, both inside and outside. Cindy likes the job. She likes to make things clean and shiny. Cindy put the dog into the chest big yellow apron, took the broom from the closet, mop and polisher, start working: corridors, staircases, room… And…, up and down, all clean again. Cindy put the puppy in mr.. "Oh, my God, it’s a puppy!" "Can you see it?" See, can only see a shadow, some white patterns." Cindy reveals her slow smile: "well, I saw this for the first time相关的主题文章: